Artistic Resins at Realistic Prices

Jen-Art in association with Jenflow Systems Ltd is a supplier of designer artistic resins, metallic pigments, glitters and flakes. With the largest supply range in Europe of metallic pigments, flakes & glitters you can create a variety of finishes from the most simplistic to the extraordinary. Here at Jen-Art we have a wealth of resin industry knowledge and therefore are able to supply you with the highest quality products to assist you in creating beautiful bespoke art work, furniture, photos and other creative projects.

Benefits of Jen-Art Products

Resin Benefits :
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced flow rates
  • Self-levelling properties
  • Strong & Durable
  • Our very own UV stable Art Sealer
Metallic pigment benefits:
  • Smooth application
  • Enhanced blend due to non-gritty pigments
  • Super fine powders
  • Large range of colours available

Jen-Art Art Sealer

The majority of current art sealers around are epoxy based and therefore are not UV stable and over time your art work will amber and fade. Do not believe claims that epoxy sealers are UV stable, as they are not. Additives can be implemented into epoxies to increase the UV resistance; however this time frame is usually limited. Here at Jen-Art we like to go the extra mile and offer an alternative art sealer that is UV stable and can protect your artwork, photographs and more for a far greater extended period. Our art sealer benefits include:

  • Superior scratch resistance
  • UV stability to prevent yellowing & fade
  • ENHANCED gloss
  • Greater the longevity of your art work/project
  • Flexible
  • 1:1 ratio
  • Self-healing properties

Here at Jen-Art we believe that with our products “The only limitation is your imagination” and the “possibilities are endless”. If AMAZING art work is your thing then contact Jen-Art today and we will help you fulfil your artistic needs.